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Workshop/Class Testimonials:

I found Terri's Etheric Weaving class to be Simply Amazing !  Who would have thought there would be such a simple, fast, and fun way to help heal one's self, family, and the world.  I look forward to taking other classes offered by Terri.  She is truly a gifted teacher.
 :: Robbin Smith, Oklahoma

I, like many had never heard of Huna before and truly had no idea what was coming.  Something inside me encouraged me to go to Terri and learn about it.  I own a real estate business, I am mom of 3, and truly not what you would consider, from the outside world, a seeker of this kind of thing.  I have spent many years just numbing out, going through life.  I felt like I was so busy trying to be like everyone else, prove myself to someone or something that I had lost my way.   After I received my first symbols small changes began, little things then became huge things! On the inside Huna gave me back my personal power, gracefully removing negative patterns known and some I had no idea I had!  The ability to love and feel again.  Outside, after my first symbol I started receiving amazing opportunities, as I attended more classes and received more symbols more and more came my way.
I lost 25 pounds, new business ventures came my way, and out of no where I was offered a job to do a TV show!  What I have learned from these new opportunities, is that I can live an extraordinary life, wild opportunities are possible for me!  I attribute everything to terri and the beginnings of healing with Huna.  I have had such success with Terri's teachings I plan to finish all of the huna classes, and receive all of the symbols, I can not wait to see the personal growth and healing in me that these classes with Terri brings!


Terri thank you again for the class.  I have experienced a great leap of spiritual growth and profound peace and calm today.  I have realized that along with my weaver and prayer there is much good I can do in this world.  Thank you for teaching!!

 :: Leanne S. Murphys, CA

Hey Terri! Well....haha!! You warned us. Honestly, my eyes, heart and mind have been opened. I know now what direction to head in, what to take with me, and what to leave behind. My husband and I are moving to Santa Rosa this fall. I'm completely changing direction from photography (currently editing my last wedding!) and pursuing the healing arts and herbal medicine. My goals for now are to gain experience from the masters of herbalism and healing; then return to my family ranch in Jackson and open an herbal nursery and herb shop. Eventually, opening a nature inspired retreat providing natural health and healing to our community. This has been in my thoughts for years, and now I can't hold back from doing it any longer! I know that C. and I both think Huna was absolutely amazing and life changing. C. has been going through some major life changes also, but I will let her tell you about them.  For me, Huna opened my eyes even wider to living passionately and from the heart. No more waiting, suppressing, and defending. Huna has helped me tremendously, the same with etheric weaving, Reiki, tarot, and all the other tools I've been building into my belt. I am SO excited to continue on this path and get to know more about Huna in your next class! Reiki as well. I'm not giving up on Photography completely, I'm still keeping all my equipment for now and returning back to nature. Please let me take your business portraits to help you promote your healing mission!!  It's the least I can do, for everything you have done for me!

 :: Hillary S. CA

Good morning Terri
Thank you for sharing your weekend with me and the others in a Reiki training class. It was a truly uplifting and heartwarming experience!! Not only am I excited to do reiki on my family, friends and my critters I am feeling so enriched and stronger in life itself. I feel ready to confront my enemies and, energy and happiness stealers, such as WORRY, ANGER and FEAR. It was wonderful to have met the other clients and hope to see them from time to time (go team yellow). It was wonderful to have Brian with us and he enriched the entire class by being there. Thank you for your professionalism and especially your friendship which I have felt for quite some time now.

 :: Sandy M. Lodi, CA

Healing Testimonials:

"I just wanted to thank you again for the session last evening and to say how glad I am that you are out there doing this work. From the instant we first spoke I knew I was in good hands because who you are --  with your caring and experience and deep integrity -- comes through so clearly.  I valued the intensity of your listening, and your ability to tap into the deeper realities of the situation we were working on.  The images that came to you were perfect, and you were clearly picking up on crucial dynamics I hadn't even articulated.

I already feel as if some very difficult knots were untied, and I am curious to experience the difference it makes over the next days and weeks as the work continues to settle.  I know we'll stay in touch, but for now I'll just send this note to let you know how much I appreciated your skillful and caring work.

Wishing you a very happy 2013!"

 :: R.L., Boston, MA


"Terri is a truly gifted healer and a beautiful soul.  She has helped me several times when I’ve gone to her with some pretty serious health concerns.  Terri’s sense of humor and infectious laugh alone have often been enough  to heal my soul, and then I get the added benefits of her powerful ability to channel and direct healing energy and her kind heart holding space for me.  I always feel better on many levels when Terri is done working on me.  I am so grateful for Terri -- it’s been an honor and a privilege to have her in my life.   love you, girl.  But of course, you already know that."

 :: CJ, Tucson, AZ


"My spiritual journey with Terri has been unreal. She has guided and healed me through many personal issues. I have taken the Munay-Ki workshop which was a life changing and incredible experience. I am truly blessed to have her in my life."

 :: T.S. Kurtz, Northern California


"As a shaman with humor and high integrity, Terri cuts a sharp path for those who want to work on their infinite possibilities."

 :: Paola Aliaga, The Widening Circle


"I have had several sessions: Shamanic, Pyramid, and the Cosmic Healing; all very powerful, subtle but profound. Once I had an issue that I had for a very long time - she did an Extraction on it and it has never returned - the energy 'behind it' is gone. Another example is Terri gave me the Death Rites - all I can say is that you are never the same afterwards (a good thing!)" - you become detached and really let go of things that are not serving you.

"The Munay-Ki rites were incredible, such wonderful souls in the class,wow what a blessing and opportunity. "

 :: BK, California


"I am very grateful for my session with Terri.  In her session I was able to release unwanted energy and feel a dramatic difference and much relief afterwards. Her skills and knowledge has helped me broaden my perception and awareness of life. I feel safe and trusting in Terri's healing space."

 :: Irma S. – Los Angeles, CA 


"Terri can be a guide for you to go to the inner part of yourself. If you enjoy dancing with your true self or need guidance to reach that place of inner beauty in order to be peaceful and whole. Terri is your gal. I have enjoyed healing sessions with her and I can attest that she provides a safe place to journey within."

 :: Jan C. – Fresno, CA



"I have had many different types of "energy healing" throughout the last ten years or so and when I've received the pyramid healing, it lasted for a long time and I felt really balanced.  I seem to be more even keeled and really positive for a few weeks as I work with the public on a daily basis.  A hairdresser by trade I get a lot of toxicity from others and this definitely protects me from negative energy for long periods of time.  I feel very vibrant and healthy.  Thanks for continuing your path to learn about all kinds of modalities, I feel so fortunate to live around someone who does this type of work."

Last summer my horse got tangled up with a tree branch and tore a hole in his chest. At first it was as big as a golf ball and Terri did an etheric weaver healing on him.  What I noticed was the accelerated healing of the wound.  I still had to dress his wound but it really started quickly healing up nicely.  There is not a trace of injury or any scaring.

 :: Lynn F. – Valley Springs, CA