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Etheric Weaving - Remote Healing session



A remote session utilizing Etheric Weavers (Copper wrapped/magnetized crystals) can heal the Mental, Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual and Addictive Behaviors. The healings also affect Past, Present and Future lives.

etheric weaver crystal

The Etheric Body is the energy field around the physical body. It is the interface between the physical body and the subtle bodies of the Aura. Every part of the physical body has a corresponding part in the etheric body. When this energy field is out of balance due to poor health, chronic pain, negative thought patterns and simply stress, it can make you feel stuck, chaotic, depressed and lethargic. The Etheric Weavers balance all aspects of your being; energy field, chakras, meridians etc. It is like receiving a good polishing and tune-up.


$125 (Remote Session)

Schedule a session: email or call 209-728-7195