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The Illumination Process – This process will elevate your ability to use discernment and awareness regarding your behavioral patterns and response; right thinking and right emotional response will ensue.  There will be a noticeable upgrade of the immune system and energy levels, chakras will be tuned and cleansed and imprints related to the primary issue at hand will be eradicated.

Entity or Intrusive Energy Extraction(s) and their removal - We often pick up unwanted negative energies and intrusions from environmental sources such as bars, casinos, large concerts or angry or depressed homes. These energies can create or amplify existing affinities for toxic people and/or situations and substance abuse. If you feel like you are not acting or thinking like your normal self this would be a probable cause.

Soul Retrieval
– Over time in this life and those past we can experience a loss of power via emotional, physical and mental traumas and wounds inflicted by others and by our own selves and the choices we have made.  Soul retrieval can help you reclaim your power and restore the sense of passion, joy, and inspiration you once knew. Negative contracts that you have made with your self can be replaced with positive ones.

Death Rites or Rebirth Rites – this rite can be utilized by those in transition and/or for those who are looking for a “reboot, a clean slate.”  As ominous as it might sound it is a very powerful tool to assist one in starting life anew fully re-empowered with new dreams, convictions and grace. One of my favorites!

Bands of Power – This is a shamanic rite of protection for healers, empaths and sensitive individuals.

Kawak Rites - This rite procures the ability to sense and perceive with your aura or luminous body the way a shaman perceives.

Ayni Karpay Rites – Archetypal energies are installed into each chakra that help your maintain balance and right relationship with the higher law of the Universe.

Munay-Ki Rites - These are the nine rites of enlightenment that also include the aforementioned rites.
These rites will create transformative changes in the individual. For more information click The Munay-Ki Rites.

Soul Retrieval or Destiny/Divination Retrieval or Energy/Entity Extraction:

$150 (approx. 45min - 1 hour)
Remote Sessions only

Death Rites:

$75 (approx. 20min)
Remote Sessions only

Schedule a session: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 209-728-7195