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Shamanic teachings of old suggest that our physical bodies are surrounded by a Luminous Energy Field (LEF) that records every thought, deed or word directed at us or generated by us.  We store traumas, patterns of negative self-judgment, affinities for negative behavior and relationships etc. in our LEF.  These things can become deep imprints in our LEF that often attract more of the same in relationships or abuse. Future and seemingly unrelated incidents can trigger the reliving of old wounds and past hurts leading to energy and soul loss that can manifest as anxiety, panic attacks, anger, fear or physical symptoms.


Using shamanic healing techniques which entail discussion and tracking – (what is currently going on in your life and what you would like to see happening), we can uncover the energetic source of any physical, emotional, or behavioral issue. We will work at the energetic level to clear the imprints left by trauma, clearing your LEF of toxic heavy energies of the past and bring back soul parts, energy, and even power animals that will empower you on your journey of self-empowerment and liberation. When we clear at the energetic level, we are ready to clear at the emotional and physical level. We then can co-create what you want next in life!

Individual sessions are typically 1-1.5 hr in length. See what others say.


Types of Services:


  Shamanic   Shamanic Healings & Rites


  Pyramid   Pyramid Sessions (Soul Therapy)


  Fusion   Fusion Energy Healing Session


  Remote Healing   Etheric Weaving Remote Healing Session


  Healing   Reiki Healing


  Astrology and Numerology   Astrology and Numerology Reports