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Terri Gladden has been fascinated with consciousness expansion for almost the entirety of her life on this planet. After receiving a “cosmic healing” from a fellow student at the Monroe Institute in 2003 she awoke one morning with the overwhelming desire to learn how to heal others. Hence the exploration and journey of learning various healing modalities began. Terri is proficient in shamanic healing work, Bowen Therapy, Soul Therapy and is a Reiki Master. She has taught and held workshops for Shamanism and Reiki. Her focus is on healing on multiple levels and the ultimate goal of "The Work" - Light Body Activation.


Terri is a full mesa carrier having taken all of the Light Body/Medicine wheel training at the Four Winds Society. Terri has also taken all of the advanced classes including Advanced Soul Retrieval, Advanced Divination, Mastery of Time etc. Her teachers include Linda Fitch, the following Qero: Humberto and Bernadina, Don Francisco and Basilio. She has studied with Elizabeth Jenkins, Malku and Jonette Crowley. She has learned how to do demon removal from John Livingston of Sedona, AZ. And recently has studied Tibetan Shamanism, and studied Huna from the teachings of George Na'ope.


She has taken all of the training offered at the Monroe Institute including Exploration 27, Starlines and Starlines II. She has taken the Remote Viewing practicum as offered by Skip Atwater and is proficient at Remote Viewing. She is a seeker and will continue to seek knowledge all of her days. Namaste!


Terri Machu Picchu